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B17 in flight

The Zemper Collection

The following section represents a collection of high resolution photos taken during 1944 and 1945 by Duane Zemper, the Photo Officer at Glatton, and his staff. These photos have come to us in the past months after 62 years in storage. We offer our thanks to the Zempers, Duane and his grandson Eric, who have generously contributed them to this website for our viewing. These photos are scanned negatives and represent clarity and detail such has not been seen on this website before. Some are duplicates of what we already have, and as time permits, we will replace the older versions with these upgrades.

If you desire a copy of one of these photos for framing or to use in a manuscript or publication, you will need to get permission from Eric Zemper [ ezemper(at)comcast.net ] who can provide you with the full scale version of any of these photos.

There are 374 photos in the following pages. To assist you in accessing them we have broken them into catagories as follows. A click on any link below will take you to the first page of that section.

  1. Crew Training at Wendover Field - 1943 - ( 10 Photos ) - 1 Page.

  2. Aircraft in Flight and on the Ground - (169 Photos) - 3 Pages.

  3. 457th Personnel - (87 Photos) - 2 Pages.

  4. Bombing Strike Photos - (34 photos) - 1 Page

  5. Miscellaneous - (64 Photos) - 1 Page