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Mission No. 113
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 113
Date - August 25, 1944
Target - Peenemunde
The 8th Air Force changed it's current tactics and began bombing targets in the North of Germany along the Baltic coast. The target for this mission was a hydroelectirc hydrogen plant at Peenemunde. Col. Luper led 34 aircraft of the 457th Group which led the First Division. The Division flew in over the Baltic Sea and approached the target with CAVU weather. Bombs were released at 22,000 feet and each box dropped in trail. Each of the first two had some bombs on the target and the third box hit the target squarely. One plane, s/n 43-98018, piloted by Lt Don Goss was badly damaged by a direct flak burst. He left the formation and headed for Sweden where he landed. 1200 bombers were sent to targets in Germany this day with no enemy fighters encountered. Twenty bombers were lost to flak.
Plane 42-98018, named Lady Katherine, and piloted by Lt Donald K. Goss, was hit by flak just after dropping bombs on Peenemunde. The flak blew a large hole in the wing and knocked out engine #2. IT also appeared that it had done major damage in the bomb bay. The crew had also suffered injuries. The ball gunner, Charles Gentile, was bleeding in a dozen places, the radioman's hands were both injured and bleeding, the waist gunner had a broken leg and there were other injuries. Lt Goss made a decision to fly to Sweden so that his crew could get medical help sooner. After a survey of the damage to the plane it was decided that the plane was structurally damaged and would probably break up on landing so a decision was made that all would bail out. The injured men's hands were placed on their parachute D-ring they were pushed out the door. The plane crashed but all the crew survived as Internees. (See John A. Roe's description of this event (Mission No 113) in "Black Puff Polly" - by Roland Byers.) [MACR 3052]

......... Crew

The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 42-98018     
PilotLt Donal K. Goss - INT
CopilotLt Phil B. Andrean - INT
NavigatorLt Gerhardt Hoelzel - INT
ToggleerSgt William H. Sokolowski - INT
Aircraft EngineerSgt Peter G. Stern - INT
Radio OperatorSgt Henry M. Githens - INT
Left Waist GunnerSgt Ruben L. Hernandez - INT
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Charles C. Gentile - INT
Tail GunnerSgt John A. Roe, Jr.- INT
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