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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-32079
Three aircraft on the way to a target. Aircraft are 42-32079, Delayed Lady, 42-97062, and 42-107001. Delayed Lady, piloted by Lt. Carl H. Gooch, took a direct hit while returning from a mission to Osnabruck. The aircraft crashed in the Netherlands. Two of the crew were killed, three became POW's and four evaded capture. Three of the crew were hidden by the Dutch and avoided capture till the liberation.
Another view of the three aircraft at the moment of bomb release. Delayed Lady, also know as Jayhawk was lost on a mission to Osnabruck, Germany on Sept 26th, 1944.
Lady Luck / Jayhawk tail section view.
Two of our ground crew under the nose of Lil' Satan. This aircraft was eventually salvaged and the tail section became part of Arf n' Arf.
42-32084, Lil' Satan in formation on the way to the target.
Another view of Lil' Satan in flight. This aircraft was salvaged after major damage on a mission to Holque, France on June 24th, 1944.
Another view of Lil' Satan in flight.
A solitary Lil' Satan soaring in the sky.
A couple of aircraft in formation. 42-32094 is in the foreground.
A crowd gathered under the wing to observe the damage to Lil' Satan after a crash landing at Glatton on Jun 24th, 1944. The aircraft damage was so bad that the aircraft was salvaged and never flew again.
42-32086, You Never Know, is seen on the ground at Glatton. This aircraft was piloted by Lt Hampton, on a mission to Gaggenau on Sept 10th, 1944 when it was hit by flak over the target. Two of the gunners, thinking the plane was doomed,went out through the bomb bay. Lt Hampton managed to fly it back as far as Joigny, France where they made a wheels up landing and all survived.
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