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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-31923
Aircraft 42-31923, Prop Wash, piloted by Lt Gordon Gallagher, was flying #3 position in the high element of the high squadron on a mission to Merseberg on Nov 2nd 1944. The plane was hit on the first pass of the attacking FW-190's shortly after bombs were dropped. One engine and wing were afire and the aircraft exploded. Five of the crew were killed and four became POW's.
A/C 42-32051
42-33051, Lady Luck, on the hardstand early after the Group arrived in Glatton. Note that the Units triangle U and color bar are not yet painted on the tail.
Aircraft 42-32051, Lady Luck, on her belly apparently because someone raised the landing gear while they were taxiing. Nov 1st, 1944.
Another view of Lady Luck before the Group symbols and colors were added to the tail. Lady Luck was transferred out of the 457th on Nov 2nd to the 56thFighter Group.
Lady Luck on the hardstand.
Lady Luck being serviced on the hard stand. The insignia still had not been painted on the tail.
42-32015 on it's belly as a result of someone raising the landing gear when the aircraft was still on the taxi strip.
Another view of 42-32051, Lady Luck.
A closeup view of the nose and name of Lady Luck.
The much photographed Lady Luck, 42-32051 on her belly after accidental release of retractable landing gear.
Another view of 42-32051, Lady Luck
Lady Luck, 42-32051, one of the first all metal finish aircraft to arrive at Glatton. March 1944.
One of the first all metal aircraft to arrive at Glatton. 42-32051, Lady Luck.
A group of afficers and airmen gathered round the nose of Lady Luck. We are not aware of the situation.
The only photo of 42-32051, Lady Luck, that we have of her in flight.
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