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Presumably the first aircraft to take off from Glatton on the Group's first mission. The mission was on Feb 21st, 1944 and the target was Gutersloh - Lippstadt, Germany. The following photos on this page were all taken on that date
This appears to be the lead airceaft, Rene III, in which Col James Luper flew (note the Staff car). The seem to be preparing to load for takeoff.
One of the unidentified lead crews on Feb 21st, 1944, posed with Col Luper (2nd from left kneeling)
A view of the plexiglass nose and chin turret guns of Rene III.
Damage sustained by 42-31588 on the Feb 21st, 1944 mission. The Group was hit by fighters near the target and several ships sustained damage. One aircraft, piloted by Llewellyn Bredeson, was lost. One of the crew was killed and the rest became POW's
Another group of airmen examine the damage to 43-31588 sustained in combat with German fighter aircraft.
Another unidentified crew posing with Col Luper at the end of the Groups first mission.
Col James Luper preparing to enter his aircraft, Rene III. Col Luper led the first mission the Group flew and many after that.
Another view of Col James Luper preparing to lead the Group's first mission.
Yet another photo of Col Luper. The Group Commander made sure enough photo were taken on this date.
Col Luper and other unidentified airmen, probably just returning from the mission on Feb 21st, 1944.
Col Luper and other officers conferring after the mission.
A group of airmen and ground crew examining Rene III aupon it's return from the Group's first mission.
Probably the photographer who took most of these photos. Note the camera in his left hand. His name is unknown.
Col Luper and an unknown enlisted man.
The lead crew on the Group's first mission on Feb 21st 1944. The crew is not identified. Col Luper is Kneeling on the right.
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