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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 44-8557
Aircraft 44-8557, flying in the Group's 200 mission to Chemitz, Germany on March 2nd, 1945
A two plane formation of 44-8557 amd Maguires Chop House.
Aircraft 44-8557, piloted by William T. Thistle, was hit by flak on the bomb run to Freising, Germany on April 18th, 1945. The crew bailed out. One of the crew, Sgt John T. Miller, Aerial Engineer, did not survive. Thistle's aircraft was the last one lost to enemy action by the 457th Bomb Group. Sgt Miller was the last combat victim of this bomb group.
A/C 44-8706
Aircraft 44-8706, releasing bombs on the Group's 200 mission to Chemnitz, Germany on Mar 2nd, 1945.
Aircraft 44-8706, with wheels down while still at a very high altitude. This aircraft was transferred out of the 457th on May 23rd, 1945.
A gathering under the nose of 44-8706 after completion of the groups 200th mission on Mar 2nd, 1945.
A view of 44-8706, in front of the control tower at Glatton.
A/C 44-8720
Crash of aircraft 44-8720 on Feb 6th, 1945. The aircraft was on a test flight and crashed on landing. Four aboard were killed including pilot Capt Roy Kerr and Capt William Doherty, commander of the 750th Squadron.
Another scene of the crash of 44-8720 with remains still smoldering.
A firefighter stands helplessly by as the crash site still smolders.
A blazing wreckage of 44-8720 on Feb 6th, 1945.
Some debris and wreckage still burning after the crash of 44-8720 on the edge of the field while landing.
A/C 44-8785
Aircraft 44-8785, Crack Up, on the hardstand at Glatton
Aircraft 44-9785, Crack Up, survived the war and was transferred out to the 305th Bomb Group on May 23rd, 1945.
A/C 44-8791
Aircraft 44-8791, Ipana Smile, shown in flight. This was a lead radar aircraft as noted by the radar dome that replaces the ball turret.
A/C 44-8832
Aircraft 44-8832, Battle Baby, on the hardstand. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
Another view of 44-8832, Battle Baby on the hardstand.
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