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A/C 43-39092
A formation of aircraft including 43-39092, 43-37828, "Remember Me?" and 44-8902, "Lady Be Good". These three aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
Another view of 43-39092 in flight.
A/C 43-39200
Aircraft 43-39200, Rattlesnake Daddy, was forced to land on the continent on two ocassions. The aircraft was able to return in each instance and survived the war and returned to the USA.
Another view of the nose of Rattlesnake Daddy. (The name is barely visible under the navigators windows.
A/C 43-39211
Aircraft 43-39211, Maguire's Chop House, named after the pilot. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
A/C 43-97934
Aircraft 43-97934, Rene V, the last of the Rene planes. This one survived the war and returned to the USA.
A/C 44-6088
Aircraft 44-6088, Rattlesnake Daddy II, piloted by Lt Fredrick C. Gauss, encountered engine problems as the group approached Belgium. The crew bailed out and all survived and returned to Glatton except the pilot whose parachute did not open.
An unidentified crew member standing by the tail of 44-6088, Rattlesnake Daddy II.
A/C 44-6111
Aircraft 44-6111, Hell's Belle, on the hardstand at Glatton.
Aircraft 44-6111, Hell's Belle, piloted by Edward Kozel, was hit by flak on the bomb run at Munich, Germany on July 12th, 1944. With major damage it was decided to try to make Switzerland. They landed safely in Switzerland where all the crew were interned till the end of the war.
A/C 44-6118
Little seems to be know about this aircraft 44-6118, except that it crashed on or near Glatton. This is a series of pictures taken of that crash on Aug, 28th, 1944. (There was no mission on Aug 28th.)
Aircraft 44-6118, on it's belly in a field. Looks like a good belly landing.
A contingent of maintenance personnel trying to decide how to salvage this aircraft.
Another view of this landing accident of 44-6118.
Fron this photo it is apparent that this crash landing of 44-6118 took place at Glatton airfield. (Note the other 457th aircraft in the distance)
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