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A/C 43-38887
Aircraft 43-38887, Perpetual Hell on the flight line being serviced.
Aircraft 43-38887, Perpetual Hell, before her name was changed to Perpetual Help.
Another close-up view of Perpetual Hell. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
43-38887, Perpetual Help, after the name was changed from Perpetual Hell. The crew is nealing with the chaplain before beginning a mission.
A/C 43-38902
Aircraft 43-38902, Lady Be Good, stuck in the mud after running off the taxistrip at Glatton.
A/C 43-38909
Aircraft 43-38909, Kraut Krusher, on the hardstand being redied for a mission.
Another view of the nose end of Kraut Krusher, 43-38909. This aircraft, piloted by Duane Southwood, was disabled on the flight to Dresden, Germany and landed near Dijon, France. None of the crew were injured.
A couple of ground crew who serviced Kraut Krusher.
A/C 43-39072
Aircraft 43-39072, No Body's Baby, flying in formation on the way to a target in Germany.
A view of the underside of No Body's Baby in flight.
A/C 43-39080
Aircraft 43-39080, known as "Girl With Towel" viewed from the turret of a Lancaster bomber. Note that 43-39808 if flying with both port engines down and props feathered.
A view of the nose art on aircraft known as "Girl With Towel".
Another close-up of "Girl With Towel", 43 39808.
A/C 43-39087
Aircraft 43-39087, Better, Quicker and Cheaper, showing the damage to the tail gun position incurred in an accident with another aircraft on the field at Glatton. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
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