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A/C 43-37828
Aircraft 43-37828, Remember Me?, On the hardstand at Glatton.
Remember Me, was the name of this aircraft on the port side but on the starboard side was the name Georgia Peach. The story is that the ground crew chief was from Georgia and made sure Georgia Peach was somewhere on the aircraft.
An unnamed crew posed under the nose of Remember Me?
Remember Me? / Georgia Peach crew waiting while the ground crew does some maintenance on the No. 4 engine.
43-37828 taxiing for takeoff.
43-37828 showing damaged tail on mission ot Genshagen, Germany on August 6th, 1944.
Another view of the nose end of Georgia Peach.
Another view of the starboard nose end of Georgia Peach, 43-37828
Remember Me? / Georgia Peach flying again in October, 1944 after repairs to her damaged tail.
Aircraft 43-37828, Remember Me? / Georgia Peach, piloted by William R. McCall, encountered mechanical difficulty on a mission to Kaiserslautern, Germany on Dec 30th, 1944. They were forced to leave the formation after dropping his bombs. They belly landed in a farmers field in France. All the crew survived and returned to Glatton. The plane was repaired and eventually returned to the USA.
A closeup view of the nose end of Georgia Peach (Remember Me?)
A/C 43-37834
Aircraft 43-37834, piloted by Fred J. Lockwald, was hit by fighters just moments after turning on the IP at Magdeberg on Sept 28th, 1944. They left the formation and crashed in Germany. Two of the crew were killed and the rest POW's.
A/C 43-38056
Aircraft 43-38056, Queen Bea, noseart with one unknown member of the crew.
Queen Bea taxiing before her collision and loss. She was a total loss after colliding with 43-31620, Skunk Hollow, on the ground on Jun 22nd, 1944. Both aircraft burned.
A/C 43-38110
Aircraft 43-38110, had no history with the 457th and was transferred to the 92nd Bomb Group on Mar 11th, 1944.
A/C 43-38240
Aircraft 43-38240 is shown flying over the invasion fleet on D-day.
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