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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 43-37782
Aircraft 43-37782, Lady Margaret (also know as Lady Katherine), piloted by William J. Murdock, was hit by fighters over the target at Merseberg on Nov 2nd, 1944. Fire quickly spread and the plane exploded. Six crew members survived and three were killed.
A/C 43-37785
A view of aircraft 43-37785, TARFU, unloading a cluster of bombs.
Another view of TARFU flying in formation.
Aircraft 43-37785, TARFU on the hardstand. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
An unknown crew returning from a mission in 43-37785, TARFU.
A/C 43-37796
Aircraft 43-37796, Stinky, involved in an accident on the field at Glatton on Jan 26th, 1945.
Stinky flying in close formation.
43-37796, Stinky, taxiing on a frosty, misty morning. Stinky was later salvaged.
A/C 43-37826
Aircraft 43-37826, Wild Hare, in formation with several other aircraft.
43-37826 in formation about to release bombs.
A formation, including Wild Hare, flying in perfect weather.
Wilde Hare in formation just at the moment of bomb release.
An airman standing near rhe front starbord side of 43-37826, Wild Hare.
A view of the noseart on 43-37826. Wild Hare was returned to the USA at the end of the war.
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