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A/C 42-37532
Aircraft 43-37532, Patches and Prayers (also known as The Jokers Wild piloted by James B. Corriher, was hit with 20 mm cannon shells from fighter attack on a mission to Merseberg on Nov 2nd, 1944. Seven members of the crew were killed and two became POW's
A/C 43-37556
Aircraft 43-37556, piloted by William A. Dawson was lost when fighter attacked on a mission to Merseberg on Nov 2nd, 1944. One crewman was killed and nine became POW's.
Another view of 43-37556 in flight.
A/C 43-37567
Aircraft 43-37567, Willie III, piloted by Montell C. Higgins, was having difficulty keeping up with the formation flying to Merseberg on December 12th, 1944.. The plane was seen to have feathered engine #4 and dropped it's wheels. No parachutes were observed. The pilot was killed. The rest of the crew parachuted and became POW's.
A/C 43-37574
43-37574, Butch, survived the war and returned to the USA.
Another view of the nose of 43-37574 named Butch.
A/C 43-37606
Aircraft 43-37606, "Big Time Operator" (BTO), piloted by Norman M. Chapman, was hit by flak on the bomb run. They turned toward Belgium hoping to land in occupied terrority. When they finally had to crash land, they were short of Allied terrority they became POW's. Three of the crew died from flak injuries.
A/C 43-37694
Aircraft 43-37694, Patty Ann, flying in close formation over cloudy skys.
A view of Patty Ann refueling from underneath another aircraft.
An unknown flyer standing in front of the weatherbeaten tail of Patty Ann.
A line up of aircraft in bad weather with Patty Ann in the foreground.
Patty Ann, 43-37694, crashed into a building while taxing on the field at Glatton. The aircraft was repaired, survived the war, and was returned to the USA.
A close-up of the nose of Patty Ann clearly showing off her name.
Another view of 43-37694, Patty Ann, after a taxi accident that led to crashing into a building on the flight line.
A/C 43-37733
Aircraft 43-37733, Ace of Hearts, piloted by Scott B. Ormsby, was hit by very accurate flak on a mission to Montbartier, France on June 25th, 1944. With engines afire the crew prepared to bail out. Four of the crew bailed out and landed in German hands. The aircraft was able to return to Glatton
43-3773, Ace of Hearts, see dropping bombs on the target at Ludwigshafen on Feb 1st, 1945. The aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
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