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A/C 42-97889
Aircraft 42-97880, Fish & Chips, was damaged in a landing accident on July 9th, 1944.
A/C 42-97951
Aircraft 42-97951, piloted by Douglas Grantham, was the groups lead plane on this mission to Nijmegen on Sept 16th, 1944. They were greeted by accurate flak and the lead plane was hit. The plane salvoed it's bombs and dived out of formation. The crew all bailed out and POW's for the balance of the war.
A/C 42-97955
Aircraft 42-97955, piloted by Francisco Gamboa, was attacked by Luftwaffe over the target at Magdeburg, Germany on Sept 28th, 1944.. The plane managed to stay aloft till they were over Belgium where they crash landed near Brussels. All of the crew survived and returned to Glatton.
A/C 42-98018
Aircraft 42-98018, Lady Katherine, piloted by Donald K. Goss, was hit by flak just after dropping bombs on Peenemunde on Aug 25th, 1944. Several of the crew were badly injured. Lt Goss made a decision to fly to Sweden so that his crew could get medical help. Because of the condition of the aircraft a decision was made that all would bail out. The plane crashed but all the crew survived as Internees.
Lady Katherine flying in close formation.
The wreckage of Lady Katherine in Sweden after the crew had all bailed out.
A/C 42-98024
Aircraft 42-98024, Que Up, flying in formation.
Que Up with crew just returning from a mission.
A view of the noseart on 42-98024, Que Up. This aircraft was transferred out to the 305th Bomb Group on May 23rd, 1945.
A/C 42-98028
Aircraft 42-98028 in flight. This photo was taken on a mission to Euskirchen on Jan 10th, 1945.
Several of the crew of 42-98028, just returning from a mission. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
A/C 43-31552
Aircraft 43-31552, My Buddy, was lost on a mission to Munich on Jul 12th, 1944. Damaged by flak over the target, Gerald Kerr, the pilot elected to fly to Switzerland. Four of the crew bailed out over Germany and were POW's, One bailed out over Switzerland and became Interned and all the officers died when the plane slammed into a mountain.
A/C 43-35441
This aircraft, 43-35441, Little Rene, was for the Colonels private use. It was named after his wife as were all his aircraft.
A/C 43-37518
43-37518, named Gini, is shown here undergoing and engine check.
Aircraft 43-37518, Gini, flown by Harold D. Gay, was hit by fighters on a mission to Magdeberg, Germany on Sept 28th, 1944. The plane went into a dive and no parachutes were seen. All of the crew died in this attack.
A/C 43-37532
Aircraft 43-37532, Patches N' Prayers (also known as The Jokers Wild), James B. Corriher, was badly damaged by fighters in the attack on Merseberg on Nov 2nd, 1944. Seven members of the crew were killed and two became POW's
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