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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-97649
This is the aircraft "Paper Warrior", a radar ship, on a mission to Berlin on 3/18/1045. They have either just dropped their bombs or are about to drop them. You can see some meger flak in the distance.
This is another view of Paper Warrior on the hardstand.
Another view of Paper Warrior with engines running, taxiing out for takeoff.
Paper Warrior in formation with bombay doors open about to release bombs. Note the radar dome under the aircraft where the ball turret is normally seen.
Paper Warrior flying in formation with 43-39211, Maguires Chop House.
42-97649, Paper Warrior, with engines running waiting for taxi instructions.
Paper Warrior in flight.
42-97649, Paper Warrior, over the target at the moment of bomb release. Paper Warrior was a lead aircraft as noted by the radar dome where the ball turret formally was.
A/C 42-97662
Aircraft 42-97662, shown with two ground crew perhaps painting the symbols on the tail. This aircraft piloted by Lauren Spleth, had two engines knocked out by flak on a mission to Ruhland on Sept 12th, 1944. They managed to fly back alone and arrived at Glatton almost two hours behind the rest of the group.
A/C 42-97701
42-97701 was an aircraft from the 351st Bomb Group flying as lead on a mission to Weimar, Germany on Aug, 24th, 1944, about to release their bombs.
A/C 42-97827
Aircraft 42-97827, My Mary Myrtle, in formation dropping a string of bombs.
A view of the port side of My Mary Myrtle possibly preparing for a mission. This aircraft survived the war and returned to the USA.
My Mary Myrtle, sitting alone on the hardstand.
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