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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-97562
Aircraft 42-97652, Evenin' Folks! How Y'all?, was with the 457th a short time. It was transferred out to the 91st Bomb Group on Feb 27th, 1944.
Another view of the nose end of 42-97562. The expression was familiar at the time as the welcome greeting of Kay Kayser and his orchestra.
A/C 42-97579
A view of aircraft 42-97579, Local Mission, Pulling up into formation. This aircraft piloted by Roy W. Allen was hit by fighters and then by flak.The crew all bailed out and Lt Allen was picked up by the French underground and hidden for many weeks. Posing as a civilian he was betrayed by the French and was taken prisoner by the Gestapo who treated him as a spy. He underwent rigourous interrorgation and was eventuall sent to Buchrnwald concentration camp. After a few months at this camp he convinced the Germans that he was indeed an airman and was thereafter a POW at Stalag III. Bombardier Anderson was shot and killed in the air after he bailed out.
A/C 42-97587
Aircraft 42-97587, Discipoinary Action, survived the war and returned to the USA.
A rear view of Disciplinary Action on the hardstand.
Another view of Disciplinary Action on the hardstand. This was the first all metal finish B-17 to arrive at Glatton on Feb 19th, 1944.
A close-up view of the noseart on Disciplinary Action
A close-up view of the starboard side of the nose of 42-97587.
Another view of the nose end of 42-97587, Disciplinary Action.
A/C 42-97591
Aircraft 42-97591 collided with the tail of 42-38064 on the ground. Part of this aircraft was made into half of "Arf n' Arf".
A/C42 97600
This aircraft was from the 401st Bomb Group at Deenethorpe.
This aircraft 42-97630 was visiting Glatton from it's home field at the 306th Bomb Group.
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