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457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-97470
Aircraft 42-97470, Oh Kay (also known as Blessed Event) piloted by Robert I Ellsworth, was hit by fighters just moments before turning on the IP at Magdeburg, Germany on Sept 28th, 1944. Oh Kay was hit and crashed in Germany. All crew members parachuted safely and became POW's.
Another view of Oh Kay on the hardstand with some of the ground crew.
Aircraft 42-97470, resting on the hardstand.
A close-up of the nose and artwork on OH Kay, 42-97470.
A/C- 42-97532
Aircraft 42-97532, from the 305th Bomb Group was damaged in a landing accident on April 25th, 1944.
Another view of 42-97532 after landing accident. Notice that this is a lead ship (radar dome replacing the ball turret). The ship is folding just beyone the turret.
Another view of the damaged nose end of this 305th Bomb Group aircraft.
Another view of the damaged aircraft. Note the bent props.
42-97532 after the tail section was removed.
A view of the aircraft from the rear showing the collapsed belly section. Note there is no letter in the triangle symbol on the tail.
A/C- 42-97537
Aircraft 42-97537, Chicken Ship, with noseart displayed on the starboard side of the nose.
Aircraft 42-97537, piloted by Amos Shepard, was hit by flak in the target area at Gydnia, Poland on Apr 9th, 1944. The plane dove down was immediately attacked by three FW-190's. All of the crew parachuted safely except engineer Fasone who was found dead on the ground.
A/C- 42-97552
Aircraft 42-97552 was transferred to the 303rd Bomb Group on Mar 11th, 1944 just days after its arrival at Glatton.
A/C- 42-97558
Aircraft 42-97558, Tis Me Sugar, piloted by Teddy G Shaw, left the formation with no apparent problem on a mission to Weimar, Germany on Aug 24th, 1944. There were no fighters or flak and the plane simply left the formation and was not seen again. All of the crew were killed.
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