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A/C 42-97451
"Nancy K", 42-97451, was involved in a mid air collision over the target at Gagganau, Germany on Sept 10th, 1944. This aircraft, piloted by Harold Gay collided with 42-97456, "Mighty Little John" piloted by Homer Passmore. There were only two survivors on Passmore's plane. Lt Gay managed to return to Glatton but two of his crewmen had parachuted into friendly terrority.
Another view of Nancy K flying in formation on the way to the target.
A/C- 42-07452
On a mission to Dessau on May 28th, 1944, 42-97452, piloted by Emanuel Hauf, was hit by enemy fighters. Hauf continued in the formation with a wing fire until they crossed into Belgium. They dropped out of formation and headed down to ditch in the Channel. As they descended the right wing broke off the plane and it exploded just above the water. None of the crew survived.
This illustrates flak damage to the wing aileron on 42-97452 while on a mission to Oscherleben, Germany on Feb 22nd, 1944.

A/C 42-97456
On a mission to Gaggenau, Germany on Sept 10th, 1944, plane 42-97451, piloted by Harold Gay, collided with plane 42-97456 on the way to the target. Passmore and all but two of crew were lost. Lt Gay's plane, while damaged, was able to fly and returned to Glatton. Two of the Gay's crew parachuted into friendly terrority in France. The plane returned to Glatton minus two of it's crew.
Aircraft 42-97456, Mighty Little John, in the sky over Germany
42-97456, Mighty Little John and 42-31520 in formation.
42-97456, Mighty Little John and 42-31615, Snafusk Shamrock in close formation.

A/C 42-97458
The remains of Mighty Little John. After loosing one engine over the target at Augsburg, Germany on Feb 25th, 1944, aircraft 42-97458, piloted by Edward Reppa lost another engine on the way home crash landed at another base in England. The plane left the runway and came to a stop in a deep ditch after first hitting a tree. All the crew survived.

A/C 42-97468
Aircraft 42-97468, Tujunga! III on the hardstand with 42-38073, Luck of Judith Ann.
Tujunga! III in formation. This photo was taken at Wendover field before the Group went to England. (Note the mountains and the absence of the tail markings.

A/C 42-97469
Aircraft 42-97469, off the runway and stuck in the mud at Glatton. This aircraft was transferred out to the 379th BG on Mar 18th, 1944.
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