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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Aircraft 42-97062, piloted by Malcom Johnson, was shot down on mission to Le Brouget/Melun, France on June 14th, 1944. The plane took a direct hit over the target and then exploded near Champdeuil, Fr. Seven of the crew were killed and four became POW's.
Another view of 42-97062 in flight just after dropping a smoke bomb.

Aircraft 42-97063, named "Miss Yu III," and piloted by Lt Lewis W. Lennartson, was damaged from flak and was attacked by German fighters and was shot down over the English Channel, they ditched and Air-Sea Rescue picked up all of the crew. The tail gunner injured - and by flak. Mar 16th, 1944.
MissYU III flying in contail haze.
Aircraft 42-97063, Miss Yu III coming in for a landing.
Aircraft 42-97164, Straight Shot (Also know at one time as Miss Yu III),
This aircraft was also named Miss Yu III at some time in her lifetime.

Aircraft 42-97067, Black Puff Polly, flying in nice tight formation. This aircraft, piloted by Rudolph M. Stohl, was hit by ME-109's on a raid to Dessau on May 28th, 1944. The crew bailed out. One member of the crew was killed by a burst of 20 mm shells. The rest of the crew became POW's.

Aircraft 42-97075, Flak Dodger, survived the war. This picture appears on the cover of the book "The Fireball Outfit" by Ken Blakebrough.
Another view of Flak Dodger on the hardstand.
Aircraft 42-97075, Flack Dodger, survived the war and returned to the USA.

Aircraft 42-97087, named "Tujunga," piloted by Byron S. Schiffman took a direct hit by flak in the target area. Engine #1 caught fire and the planes wing broke off. The plane spiraled down and exploded. Seven members of the crew were killed.

The tail end of 42-97088. While forming up over England it's wing tip appeared to burst into flane. The pilot, Lt Jack W. Gazzale, was blown clear of the plane and parachuted to the earth as did five other members of his crew. Three of the crew were killed in the explosion.

Aircraft 42-97122 in formation at the moment of bomb drop.
42-97122, No name, was salvaged on May 12th, 1944. Little else is known.
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