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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-38063
Aircraft 42-38063, The G. I. Virgin, piloted by Lt Robert L. Kaufman was hit by flak over the target. He managed to keep the plane airborne till they reached the channel where the crew bailed out. All were picked up by Air-Sea rescue.
A view of G. I. Virgin after a one wheel landing at Glatton on Mar 17, 1944.

A/C 42-38064
Some of the damage from a ground collision of three aircraft; 42-38064, Arf n' Arf, 42-97591,No Name, and 42-102948, the Denver Bandit.
Damage inflicted to Arf n' Arf in a ground accident on Jul 23rd, 1944.
More damage to 42-38064. This damage brought about the fitting of a natural finish metal tail section with the olive drab color of the rest of the plane. The name Arf n' Arf naturally evolved.
Aircraft 42-38064, Arf n' Arf in all her glory.
Another view of Arf n' Arf undergoing some major mechanical overhaul.
42-38064, Arf n' Arf was lost in a mid-air collision on a mission to Merseberg on Nov 8th, 1944. The pilot was Arnet Furr. Arf n' Arf collided with another plane in the same formation and was cut in two by the rotating props of the other plane. The two pieces spun and fell away and crashed into the Channel. All the crew perished.
Another view of 42-38064, Arf n' Arf from the starboard side.

A/C 42-38073
We seem to know little about this aircraft 42-38073 except that her name was Luck of Judith Ann and that the aircraft was written off by the Group on Aug 16th, 1944.
Another nose view of Luck of Judith Ann, 42-38073
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