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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-37606
Aircraft 42-37606, B.T.O. (Big Time Operator) was lost on a mission to Cologne, Germany on Oct 17th, 1944. Norman M. Chapman was the pilot. With two engines out from flak, they attempted to land in Belgium but had to crash land in German territory. Three of the crew died from flak injuries. (note two men sitting on top turret)
Another view of B.T.O on the hardstand. (note pilot in cocpit)

A/C 42-38021
Aircraft 42-38021, Mission Maid, resting on the hard stand.
Mission Maid in formation over Germany.
Aircraft 42-38021, "Mission Maid" survived the war and returned to the USA. Note, this plane had credit for shooting down eight Nazi aircraft.

A/C 42-38055
Aircraft 42-38055, was lost on a mission to Ludwigshaven on May 27th, 1944. The pilot was Roger W. Birkman. His aircraft was hit by fighters and then by flak. When the aircraft caught fire they were forced to bail out over Belgium. Birkman, Stanko, Koch, Toney, and Cochran were rescued by the underground and made it to England the other five were captured and made POW's.

A/C 42-38056
Aircraft 42-38056, Queen Bea, collided with Skunk Hollow on the ground at Glatton on Jun 22nd, 1944. Both aircraft burned with very little to salvage. Both crews were uninjured. (see 42-31620)
Another view of the burned out wreckage from the collision on Jun 22nd, 1944.
A view of the slavaged tail secton of Queen Bea after the fire.
Queen Bea flying formation before the Group insignia was added to the tail.
42-38056, Queen Bea, trailing smoke from engine no. 1
Another view of Queen Bea in formation. Possibly at Wendover field.
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