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457th Bomb Group Aircraft of the 457th Bomb Group
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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A/C 42-102458
42-102458 was transferred out of the 457th to the 2nd Air Division on June 27th, 1944.
A clasic photo of a B-17 in flight. This aircraft had no name and is S/N 42-102458
Another photo of 42-102458 in formation with another aircraft.
A/C 42-102464
42-102464, piloted by Charles R. Blackwell was hit by flack over Le Bourget, France on Jun 14th, 1944. The crew all bailed out. This is a photo of the of the aircraft after it crash landed
A/C 42-102905
A view of 42-102905 in flight. This aircraft was lost on the mission to Politz on Jul 10th, 1944.
One of the crews who flew 42-102905. In this photo the pilot is John Welch.
A/C 42-102948
A photo of 42-102948 in formation. This aircraft "The Denver Bandit", flown by Keylon W. Clark was lost on a mission to Magedburg on Sept 28th, 1944. Two of the crew were killed and the rest became POW's.
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