748th Squadron Patch
The 457th Bomb Group Roster of Airmen
Created from the crew loading lists
749th Squadron Patch

750th Squadron Patch


751st Squadron Patch

This page displays all crew last names beginning with the letter

Anthony A. O'Brian

William A. O'Connor
Gabriel D. O'Fush
William J. O'Hara
Lovell O'Masters
Paul O'Neal
Owen S. O'Rourke
Lionel W. O'Shea
John J. O'Toole
Joseph O.Paschal
Everett R, Oakes
Lawrence Oberstein
James E. Ocshier
Robert D. Oden
William D. Oden
Victor H. Oehler
Jack W. Oescher
Elroy J. Oeters
Gabriel D. Ofeish
Gabriel C. Ofiesh
William D. Ogden
Fred M. Oglesby
James R. Ogletree
James F. Oldenhage
William C. Oliver
Axel R. Olsch
Martin O. Olsen
Robert L. Olsen
Alex R. Olson
Donald M. Olson
Harry A. Olson
Henry A. Olson
Leroy H. Olson
Martin O. Olson
Robert F. Olwick
David L. Omelich
Paul Oneal
John J. Orazem
Robert Orlanski
Scott B. Ormsby
William L. Ornburn
Alden B. Orr
Oliver F. Orris
Raymond L. Osborn
Charles D. Osborne
Mark A. Osborne
James M. Oschier
Jack W. Osecher
Walter H. Osika
Carl W. Ostling
Robert B. Otterpahl
Curtis J. Overdahl
Marvin Overfelt
Tom G. Overn
Jack B. Owens
Paul V. Owens
William S. Owens
John F. Owin
Norman T. Ozenberger
Jonnie R. Ozier