Anecdotes from Glatton

This page is a collection of short anecdotes sent to me by various former members of the 457th Bomb Group. Each story will be identified with the person who sent it.

#1 - Stopover at a British air base". An incident described by Frank Foster about his emergency landing at an RAF base and their treatment while there.
#2 - Two Momentous Moments. A description, by John Kearney, of a humorous incident that took place on his last mission.
#3 - Dive Bombing in a B-17. A description by Willard (Hap) Reese, of an episode that broke the routine of flying combat missions.
#4 - Brothers in Isolation. A vivid description by Richard Gibbs of the lonliness of the flight crew. Crews were like brothers but with few outside friendships.
#4 - Visits to Scotland. A description by Murray Swerdlove of his gastronomical adventures in Scotland and his affection for the Scotch people.