You just have to be proud of the way our organization continues to support projects which we feel are important to us. The overwhelming success of the Mickey Briggs Fund is the latest example of this. When John Welch volunteered to manage this fund, we recalled the outstanding manner in which he handled the Sadie Baines Fund and felt confident of great results. You folks did not let us down, contributing over $12,700 to a very grateful Lady who has meant so much to us, personally, and to our organization.

Plans for our 2002 Mini-Reunion in Peterborough are almost completed. The advance notice on our website and the one-page bulletin to all members has generated a number of contacts for more information. At this time, we have 18 firm reservations and a number of members who have not yet been able to finalize their plans. A separate article on our planned €śReturn to Glatton €ľ is included elsewhere in this issue.

Real progress is being made in the planning for our 2003 reunion. We have received an offer to host this event at a location which is very significant in the history of the 457th Bomb Group. We expect to have more detailed plans completed shortly and will share all of this with you in the next newsletter. It €™s not too early to start thinking about attending and maybe also talking with some of our members who may need a little urging to attend.

Thanks to the efforts and initiative of Willard Reese, our website continues to expand. Our advance notice of the Mini-Reunion and the inclusion of the latest Newsletter are only two of the most recently added features. Those of us who frequently visit the website know and appreciate its value --- and so does the general public.
Many thanks, Willard.

If you are one of those planning to join us on our "Return to Glatton", I'll see you at the Bull. Let's all stay in touch with our organization, and with each other.

Will Fluman As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, do it. --Margaret Deland