We were saddened to learn of the death of John Wilson, one of our long time
English historians, on Oct. 19, 2001. John Walker telephoned to inform us of
the death and report that he and the other historians would represent the
457th at the funeral service.

Wilson's association with the Bomb Group goes back to our days at Glatton,
when as a teenage member of the Air Training Corps, he was able to log some
flight time as a passenger on training flights.

John was a FOTE (Friends of the Eighth) member and had been quite active in the earlier days of our organization attending a number of our stateside reunions as a guest of
several of our members.

The contributions of our English historians is greatly appreciated and vital
to the success of our organization.

Following the tragic events of Sept. 11, we were all heartened by the acts of
tribute and support displayed by both the people and the government of
England. We may have seen the band outside Buckingham Palace playing "The
Star Spangled Banner" or heard one of their star vocal artists singing "God
Bless America".

However, we may not all be aware of an event more closely associated with our
group. The Mayor of Peterborough, Raymond Pobgee, is a good friend and very
active supporter of the 457th. The day after the attack, a Royal Air force
parade had been scheduled as part of a local celebration in Peterborough.
Working with RAF officers, Ray arranged for the cancellation of the parade
and the holding of a memorial service for American victims in Peterborough
Cathedral. Although this was all arranged on very short notice, 600 to 700
people attended this service.