Your Website on the Internet:
The 457th Bomb Group Association

What a successful reunion at Colorado Springs! In spite of all the
overtones related to the Sept 11th episode, the reunion was well attended and
enjoyed by all. We met so many of you in the Memorabilia Room where we set
up our computers. I hope you had a chance to stop by and chat. After seeing
so much interest in our website, Nancy asked us to start a regular newsletter
column, and we agreed. Here is where we'll let you know about website
improvements, and ask for your help in identifying "mystery photos" or solve
other mysteries we come across while adding to the site.

But first, have you visited our website lately: (Or should I say YOUR
website? Because that's what it is!) There are some exciting new things
(the website address is above):

We have posted some color photos taken at the reunion by Diane. (They are
under the "Reunion"  button). We have invited others to send any photos
they have so that we might display them also, but we've had no response to
date. Don't you have some photos you'd like us to feature? If you have any
photos from either the 2001 or the 1999 reunions, send them along! (With
names, please.)

The new officers of the Association are now posted under the €œAssociation
Officers €¾ button, so take a look at the names and background of those who
will be representing you for the next two years. Their email addresses are
posted there, so if you have something to say to one of them, that's how you
can write them.

Some new stories have been added under "Personal Recollections". I'm
disappointed in the response to my request for your personal recollections.
I thought that many of you would like to share the stories of your
experiences with future generations. We don't have much longer to commit
these memories to paper: a permanent record for future generations to know,
first hand, what it was like during those exciting and turbulent years.
Please, take a few minutes and jot down one experience or memory and send it
to me. Don't worry about the grammar or spelling or whatever, we have
experienced writers who have volunteered to rewrite your stories suitable for
publication. Do it today and it will be up for all to see on the
Association's website, and saved for history.

The "Message Board" is actively used by some of the younger generation
seeking information about a loved one or some details of history, but I find
that not many of we old-timers are using it. It is simple to use and can be
very rewarding. Take a look at some of the messages that have been posted in
the past months (under the "Message Board" button) and see if there is not
a question raised in one of these messages that you are able to answer.

The most useful tool, for me anyway, is the "Search" box on the home page.
It is fast and thorough since it is on our local server. If what you are
looking for is on the 457th website then this search will take you directly
to it. One tip...If you are searching for a particular name or phrase such
as William Thomas or the plane name Slow But Sure, then be sure to put the
input in quotation marks ( "  " ). Using quotation marks will search only
for that particular phrase. Without quotation marks, the search will locate
all the Williams, all the Thomas's, all the Slow, all the But, and all the
Sures on the website.

This is the first of our columns to appear in the Newsletter but we expect to
be back with each new issue. If you have any questions about or suggestions
for the website, please contact me or Diane via email: or

Enjoy...and send us your stories, comments, and pictures!

Willard (Hap) Reese, Webmaster, 457th bomb Group Assn.
Diane E. Reese, Associate