Colorado Springs - Reunion - 2001

With perfect weather, Colorado sunshine and clear blue skies, we enjoyed the
scenery, the laughter and the camaraderie which the 457th Bomb Group
Association is founded upon. A camaraderie which began almost 60 years ago
was continued at the Sheraton Hotel at the the foot of America's mountain.

Overshadowed by the unspeakable tragedy in New York, Washington D.C., and
Pennsylvania, getting here wasn't all that easy for many. But, according to
one "Fireballer", we never ran away from trouble yet, and we're not starting
now.  Nearly 280 veterans, wives, children, brothers and sisters, and
friends gathered to celebrate the reunion tradition started 30 years ago by
Homer and Mickey Briggs.

Due to the high-level of security at the Air Force Academy, we were not able
to go for our tour, a memorial ceremony, viewing of the cadet wings marching,
and a lunch. Everyone understood this and took the disappointment in stride.

One highlight of the reunion was our trip to the Flying W Ranch. Here, we
were treated to an evening of good food, and great entertainment. We were
honored by the kind words of Vern Thompson when he introduced the 457th to
the rest of the audience, told of the number of missions flown, and thanked
our veterans for the freedom we enjoy in our country. Several songs were
patriotic in our honor, and reference was drawn to the 457th a number of
times throughout the evening.

The Memorial Ceremony at the Hotel was particularly moving when bag pipes
played by Gene Moeny sounded "Amazing Grace" and "Taps".

"What is it with that water, all you guys turn out to be Heroes."

With those words, Peter C. Lemon toasted the heroes of the 457th Bomb Group
and thanked them for their contribution in helping to make our country a free
one where his children could grow up. With the close of the Banquet, we said
goodbye to old friends and new, with the hope of seeing each other again at
the next reunion.

We want to thank everyone for all the kind words and appreciation shown to us
by you. We are so glad you enjoyed the activities, the hotel, and the
get-togethers. We had lots of help and will try to not forget to mention
anyone by name.

PX: Lori Barnett and Candy Fluman spent many hours taking care
of the PX and were so nice about then spending even
Erika spent all day in the PX...if any of you need a
salesperson, she's the one for you!

MEMORABILIA: Jerry Silverman
George Lewis,
Irv Lewis,
Hap and Diane Reese, son Gregory,
all the Briggs kids helped set up

REGISTRATION: Sandra & Don Nielsen
Helen Schwab, Phyllis Fluman, Rosalie Upton,
Helen Zimmerman, Ethel Marsden, Mildred Peterson,
Mickey Briggs

Jerry Silverman tried valiantly to put together a trip to the top of Pikes
Peak since the Air force trip was canceled. However, we had never scheduled
that trip due to the high altitude and potentially harmful effects of that
altitude. If you remember, you guys were required to be on oxygen at 10,000
feet during the War. And, no offense, but you were in your 20's then!!!
Pikes Peak is well above 10,000 ft.

A special thanks goes to Bob Henrich for the loan of his one-and-only office
copy machine! We made lots of copies and was that ever convenient having a
copy machine right there in the Memorabilia Room. Thank you, Bob.

And also, to my daughter, Julie Alldritt. Julie put all the banquet programs
together, as well as lent her expertise and experience as a former banquet
manager. She was a great source of calm in the midst of a storm!!! Thanks

With a big project such as this, it is just not possible to remember to
mention everyone who helped. I sincerely apologize to those I have forgotten
to mention. You are forever in my heart.



Addison, Mary R.
Ambrosetti, Joe
Arnold, Hugh H. and Phyllis
Atkinson, Andrew-grandson of Frank Bernd
Atkinson, Sandra-daughter of Frank Bernd
Auten, Russ and Dot
Baker, Arthur and Doris, daughter Carol Harbushka
Barnett, Lori-daughter of Herb Paris
Barrier, Charles and Elise
Bass, James and Erma
Bell, William Jr., and Lucille
Bennett, Alexander and Janet
Bernd, Frank and Evelyn
Bird, William and Nancy
Blakebrough, Kenneth and Arden
Bolier, Earl and Helen
Bowers, Chuck and Marjorie
Briggs, Mickey
Baird, Linda-daughter
Barron, Carolyn-daughter
Bell, Diana-daughter
Briggs, David-son
Briggs, Jerry-son
Briggs, Robert-son
Bunker, L. Bradley and Dorothea
Burke, Rex
Burningham, Haven and Angela
Buxton, Reg and Betty
Campbell, Harry and Doris
Christensen, Kenneth
Creigh, Walt and Donna
Darling, Martin and Huella
Day, James and Marjorie
Day, Jason-grandson of James Day
DeCunzo, Louis and Rosalyn
DeLuccia, Joseph and brother Emil
DeVoe, John and Grace
Digre, Clifford and Bernice
Dobler, Champe
Drache, Hiram and Ada
Dykes, Gordon and Margaret
Ellsworth, Robert and Patricia
Farrell, Thomas and Rosalie
Field, Ray and Carolyn
Fluman, Candace-daughter of Will
Fluman, Will and Phyllis
Fluman, Jr., Will-son of Will
Friedman, Daniel and Angeline
Gallaher, Lawrence
Gassman, Jack and Carol, Ken and Andrew
Gelvin, Samuel and Mary
Gibbs, Richard and Barbara
Goff, Thomas and Lillian Malkus
Gray, Lloyd
Grimm, Preson and Nancy
Grisa, Arthur and Marnie
Gunderson, Charles and Jean
Hall, James
Hall, Ralph and Mildred
Hallson, Frank and Jeanette
Hamilton, Joseph
Hammar, Arthur and Ann Marie
Harris, Craig
Hedge, Willard
Hedrick, Ray & Wanda, guest Lillian Zaun
Heekin, Francis
Heidenreich, Vaughn and Mary
Henrich, Bob and Nancy-daughter of Joe Toth
Hertenstein, Paul
Hoagland, Ray and Kathryn
Hoffman, Art
Huels, Robert and Florence
Huey, William and Mary Blue
Hunt, Walter and Belva
Ingraham, Robert and Jeanne
Johnson, Bennie
Kabine, William and Ruth
Kabine daughters- Pamela Kabine and Kandy Gregory
Karl, Russell and Ella
Kaufman, Chuck and Bonnie
Kearney, John
Kollaja, Alvin and Clare
Krug, Eldon
Lacy, Jay and Jerry Holt, sons of Col. Lacy
Lambertson, Karl and Winifred
Larson, Lloyd and son Doug
Lewis, George
Lewis, Irving and Sue
Lindholm, John and Mildred
McCloskey, James and Catherine
McMahon, Larry and son Gary
Marsden, Clement and Ethel
Martin, and Frank Dorothy
Mellin, James and Mary
Menard, Normand and Irene
Merlone, Felix and Carol
Mihalik, Peter and Elizabeth
Miller, Robert and Iva
Morrow, Hiram and Mary
Morse, William and Erika
Morton, Alan
Moses, William
Nielsen, Donald and Sandra
Nose, Daniel and Jeanne
Papaianni, Anthony and Sarah
Parker, George and Maggie
Pearson, John
Peschen, George and Nancy
Peters, Elroy and Dorothy
Peterson, Mildred and son Rod
Polen, Donald and Beverly
Raymond, George and Betty
Reese, Hap and son-David
Reese s grandson-Gregory Perkins
Reese, Diane-daughter of Willard Reese
Rittman, Alden & Geneva Sabatina
Rodel, James and Ardis
Salzer, Mary Jean and daughter Mary L.
Salzer guests-Dan & Michele Mihelich
Schuelke, Harland Bud & Shirley
Schwab, Del and Helen
Seesenguth, Donald and Betty
Sellon, Donald
Siler, Bill
Silverman, Jerry
Sloan, Hugh and Barbara
Springer, Robert and Virginia
Swanson, Dwight and Nadine
Tangney, Robert and Margaret
grandson-Mathew Will and guest Lily Blade
Taylor, Edward
Thacker, Bill and Jan
Thoman, Tex and Julia
Thompson, Nels and Pauline
Thompson, William and Judy
Toscano, Nicola
Toth, Joe and Jeanne
Toth, Jerry and Sandra-son of Joe Toth
Troutwine, Mel and Sherry- daughter of Gene Morrow
Upton, Rosalie
VanZant, Loyd
Voris, George
Ward, Rev. John Zeke and Anne
Watts, William and Grace
Watts-Rieke, Elizabeth-daughter of William Watts
Welch, John and Alberta, guest Anna Landauer
Wells, Clinton and Shirlee
Wilde, Lawrence and Claudia
Williams, Albert and Shirley
Windell, Ralph and Vivian
Woodell, Morris and son Michael
Woodruff, Cecil
Wranesh, John and Barbara
Zeagler, R.C. and Ethel
Zeiler, Donald and Marie
Zimmerman, Lee and Helen