SEPTEMBER 16, 2001

TO: President of the United States,
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

FR: The 457th Bomb Group Assoc., Memorial Association of a former unit of World War II,


Whereas, the 657 members of The 457th Bomb Group Association denounce the
unspeakable evil acts of destruction and murder inflicted upon our country,
September 11, 2001, and we mourn the loss of our many citizens as a result of
these vicious attacks, and

Whereas, the Eighth Air Force was forged in the crucible of another war
against evil, growing into the largest military unit in history, and
continues today as your bomber force and your key strategic weapon, and

Whereas, those of us who still live know all too well the sacrifices
necessary to win against tyranny, (in WWII, the Eighth Air Force lost 26,000
men and another 28,000 men became prisoners of war, but our actions were key
in the defeat of Nazi Germany),

Therefore, we have resolved to show you our support in your determined action
to hunt down those who perpetrated these evil acts, and those who harbored
them. We pray God s blessing on you as you proceed with wisdom and
determination to again make the world safe for freedom-loving peoples
everywhere. God bless you in your leadership and decisions.


C. Craig Harris
President, 457th Bomb Group Assoc.
Dear Mickey and Family,

Please find enclosed my Sentiments in regards to the recent tragic events. I
hope most sincerely that you will be able to print it in the newsletter. It
goes without saying how we over here feel about the whole thing. I do hope
that you and yours are well. We often talk about your 1st visit to our home
with all the children. Seems a long time ago now. Hope you had a good
Reunion in colorado (overshadowed by the tragedy, no doubt.


Dear Friends,
It is very difficult indeed to put into words how one feels about the
tragic events of Sept. 11th. My wife and I were sunning ourselves on a hotel
balcony in Spain when the horrendous news came filtering over the TV Network.
At that moment, as the great tragedy unfolded, it was more than I could
comprehend that this whole event was actually taking place! And, indeed, it
was only when we arrived home in England a few days later that the full force
of the tragedy became evident. Our own English Newspapers gave us the full
scope and enormity of what had transpired--so--words are not enough! The
enormity of the many personal tragedies which befell the peoples of many
nations that day, and the personal tragedy which befell the American people
in particular will forever be on the memory of anyone who was alive on that
terrible day.
That the people of America will rise above this tragic event which befell
them and others is as certain as night follows day, and those responsible for
this horrendous crime will reap the whirlwind which will most certainly
follow in due course.
Please accept our sorrow, our heartache, our love and our 100% support
for all. God Bless America.

Warmest Regards,
Eric and Ann Brumby and family
457th BG Historian
Peterborough, England