Will Fluman - President

It's been 56 years since we left the old air base at Glatton and 30 years since
our group held it's first reunion. A lot has happened in those intervening years,
to us personally and to our organization. But, if you were with us in Colorado
Springs and watched our people enjoying the planned activities and the
fellowship with one another, in the memorabilia room, the lobby, the bar, I
think you will agree that being able to get together is good for us.

With the very capable help of our younger members, which we certainly need
and sincerely appreciate, the 457th will continue to do the kinds of things
we like to do ---- for as long as we can.

And so, we plan to Return to Glatton in late May, 2002, for our tenth
Mini-Reunion in Peterborough. As soon as we can determine the exact date of
the Memorial Service at Madingley, we will firm up our schedule and advise
you. I've said this before, but if you feel you'd like to go back to
Glatton or you want to see Glatton one more time, think seriously about 2002.

We plan to hold our biennial reunion in 2003. The date, the location, and
host for this event has not yet been determined. Hosting this reunion is a
complex, involved activity and at this time we are reviewing the options
available to us. Your board will act on this matter as soon as possible and
advise you in an upcoming Newsletter.

Our Colorado Springs reunion ranks right up there at the top of the many
gatherings we have had over the years. In spite of the tragic events of
September 11, the 457th turned out in surprising numbers to spend a few days
together. Success like this doesn't just happen. This reflects months of
planning and hard work by Joe & Jeanne Toth and Nancy & Bob Henrich. All of
us who were there appreciate the great job they did and thank them one more

As your new president and speaking for the officers and board members, we
look forward to working with each of you in helping preserve the history and
memory of the 457th Bomb Group and promoting the welfare of our organization.
Communicating today is easier than it has ever been, so please contact any
one of us at any time.

These are troubling times, but we must maintain our faith in the future.

Will Fluman