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Photos of Glatton today >
Glatton Today
Roy Norris is a camera buff who lives in Peterborough. He has taken all of the following photos of the old Glatton airfield. Most of the photos were taken in the months of January and February of 2004. We thank Roy for giving us permission to post these photos so that you might get some idea of what a once familiar area looks like today. Enjoy.

The following 1945 layout map of the field and surrounding area will give you some idea of the location that these photos display.

Just click on the thumbnail picture to display a larger version

glatton Photo #1
This is a view of Conington Chapel looking from the cemetery side.
Photo #2
This is a front view of the memorial to the 457th flyers in Conington church yard showing the message on the pedestal. The tribute reads "Lest we forget - in perpetual memory of those valiant American airmen of the 457th Bomb Group who, during World War II gaave their lives that Freedom might prevail".
Photo #3
Another view of the side of the memorial pedestal with a tribute to Bernie Bains. The tribute reads "In memory of Bernie Bains, Peterborough, 1918 - 2000, Historian and Friend of the 457th".
Photo #4
Another view of the memorial in the Conington Chapel churchyard.
Photo #5
A view of the "Crown and Woolpack" situated on the North Road as viewed from the Northwest. (See map above)
Photo #6
Another view of the Crown and Wollpack looking from the southwest.
Glatton Photo #7
A view from the North Road looking southeast. Immediately behind the hedge is the location of the former Site 6 (see map above). Mid-right and midway in the photo is the site of the former Site 5. To the left and in the distance is a wood which is where the former Site 11 existed. All overgrown now.
Glatton Photo #8
Another view of the old 457th water tower at the intersection of North Road and Conington Lane.
Glatton Photo #9
Another view of the water tower and the plot of land at the intersection of North Road and Connington Lane where the new 457th Memorial monument is to be dedicated the end of May 2004.
Photo #10
This is the entrance of what used to be Site 8 (se map above). Completely overgrown now.

Photo #11
A view looking Southeast from the roadway is the first of two which appears to be that of the old Site 2 (see map above) adjacent to the Conington Chapel. The existing concrete roadway is visible in the center of the photo.
Photo #12
A view looking south showing the remaining roadway to Site 2 (see map above).
Photo #13
A view showing a small wood which was the site of the former Sick Quarters. It is now a haven for wildlife which seems quite fitting.
Photo #14
A view looking North from runway 33 showing the Rose Court farm.
Photo #15
Another view of Rose Court Farm looking Northeast from halfway along the now public road that used to be 05/22 runway.
Photo #16
A view looking down runway 28.
glatton Photo #17
A view of the present airfield at Conington that still uses one of the old runways.
glatton Photo #18
This photo was taken looking Northwest into the eastern entrance of the old Bomb Store. The roadway is all that is left and it is now a field of crops and although it would appear that there was an entrance immediately the other side of the road, there is little obvious sign of that now.
glatton Photo #19
This photo was taken from a road bridge on the B660 road where it crosses over the new North Road (which is now a four lane motorway. This is located just North of the Crown and Woolpack. The view is East toward Glatton. In the center of the picture is #10 runway. The current airfield facility can be seen in the distance.
glatton Photo #-----------------
glatton Photo #------------------

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