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Glatton Today
Back in June of 1999, my daughter Diane, while vacationing in England, visited Glatton and was escorted around the Glatton area by Jim Sheffield, a resident of Peterborough, a WWII historian, and an email friend of mine.
Diane was my surrogate and managed to take these pictures of the field and the surrounding area. The pictures are presented here to give you some idea of what the area is like today - 56 years later.
I have marked up a 1944 map of the airfield to indicate at what location and direction the pictures were taken. Enjoy.

Just click on the thumbnail picture to display a larger version
field.jpg Photo #1
This is a view from the Old North Rd. looking east toward the field and to the left of the entrance to the compound. The old water tower is still there after 55 years....although not in use
field2.jpg Photo #2
This is a view of the thatched roof house that was on the right side of the entrance to the compound. There has been an addition to the house but if you look closely you'll see the portion of the house that still has a thatched roof. To see this house in 1944, click here.
field3.jpg Photo #3
The old 050 - 230 runway has been made into a road. This picture was taken from that road looking northwest toward the old taxi strip. The equipment stored on each side of the gate appears to be farming implements.
field4.jpg Photo #4
This photo is taken from the old 050 - 230 runway (now a road) and looks northwest up the 150 - 330 runway which is still in use. Our old field at Glatton is now called Peterborough - Conington Airport. The runway still looks good after 55 years.
field5.jpg Photo #5
This photo was taken from the old 050 - 230 runway (now a road) looking west toward the Rose Court Farm. This farm is still there and in use.
field6.jpg Photo #6
This photo looks southwest down the old 050 - 330 runway which is now a road. The gate to the right in the picture looks down the 100 - 230 runway which is still in use by Conington Airfield.
field7.jpg Photo #7
This photo is taken from the old 050 - 330 runway (now a road) and looks west down the old 100 - 230 runway. This runway is still in use today by the Conington Airport.
field8.jpg Photo #8
This is the memorial to the 457th Bomb Group located in the churchyard at Conington. Below the bust of an airman is a wreath with "Fait Accompli" in it's center. The inscription below the wreath is as follows: "Lest We Forget. In Perpetual Memory of Those Valiant American Airmen of the 457th Bomb Group (H) Who, During World War II Gave Their Lives That Freedom Might Prevail".
field9.jpg Photo #9
This is a view of the Connington Chapel tower taken from the vicinity of the 457th Memorial.
Photo #10
There is room here for other photos. Send me some and I'll display them here.

Photo #11
Photo #2
Photo #12
Photo #13
Photo #14
Photo #15

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