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750th Squadron
457th Bombardment Group
Officers - 1943 to 1945

Jul 21st, 1943 -Lt Col. Roderick L. Francis was the first commanding officer of the 750th Squadron and served as commander of the 750th until replaced by Lt Col. William F. Smith.

Apr 25th, 1944 - Lt Col William F. Smith, Jr. assumed command of the squadron and was commander until Dec 2nd 1944 when he was elevated to Deputy Group Commander. Col Smith was with the original complement of officers as a 1st Lieutenant when the unit was formed and a Lt Col at the end of the war. He had a jaunty and devil-may-care attitude and was very popular with the men who flew with him. He witnessed all 236 missions of the 457th but fate caught up with him in 1945 after returning from England. He and several others were flying a B-25 bomber from Boston to his new assignment in the midwest. The weather was extremely bad and as he attempted to make an emergency landing at LaGuardia Field, New York, his plane hit the 76 floor of the Empire State building killing him and 17 others in the building.

Dec 2nd, 1944 - Capt William Doherty took command of the 750th Squadron and played an active roll there until Feb, 6th, 1945. On this date he accompanied Capt Roy Kerr, the Group's engineering officer, who was test flying a new B-17 that had recently arrived at the field. No one is sure what happened but the plane never quite made it to the end of the runway while attempting to land. The plane exploded and burned. All aboard were killed.

Feb 7th, 1945 - Major James M. Havey assumed command of the 750th squadron. Major Havey remained in command until the squadron was returned to the USA and was dismissed.
Some familiar views around the 750 Squadron area
This is a view of the squadron area after a heavy snowfall. Some planes on the 750th flight line.

Some names of planes of the 750th that should be familiar.
Elizabeth Ann
Skunk Hollow
Prop Wash
Lil' Satan
Luck of Judith Ann
Rene III
Flak Dodger
Tujunga III
G.I. Virgin III
Bouncing Betty
Fish n' Chips
Rene V
Lady Katherine
Willie III
Patty Ann
The Duchess
That's My Baby
The Wolf Pack
Maguires Chop House

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