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749th Squadron
457th Bombardment Group
Officers - 1943 to 1945

Oct 1st, 1943 -Lt Col. Theodore G. Hoffman was the first commanding officer of the 749th Squadron.  Col Hoffman served as commander of the 749th for a longer period than any squadron commander and was not replaced until Sept 1st, 1944.

Sept 1st, 1944 - Lt Col Wilbur D. Snow assumed command of the squadron and continued until he was replaced by Major Raymond Syptak on Oct 27th, 1944. Col. Snow also served for a short period as commander of the 748th Squadron.

Oct 27th, 1944 - Major Raymond Syptak assumed command of the 749th squadron. Major Syptak was quite famous in the 457th Bomb Group as being one of the two flyers in the 457th to have earned the Silver Star for gallantry in action while on a mission to Le Bourget Airfields in France on Jun 14th, 1944.

April 10th, 1945 - Lt Col Leon Stann assumed command and remained as commander until the squadron was returned to the USA and was dismissed.

Some familiar views around the 749 Squadron area

This is a view at the entrance to the 749th Squadron area and a stone walkway leading through the area.

Some names of planes of the 749th that should be familiar.
Bad Times, Inc.
Slow But Sure
Lady Luck
You Never Know
The G. I. Virgin
Arf & Arf
Calamity Jane II
Miss Yu
De Layed Lady
What's Next
Local Mission
La Legende
Rampant Pansy
Ace of Hearts
Lady B Good
Screaming Eagle
Better, Quicker & Cheaper
Rattlesnake Daddy
Ladies Delight
Battle Baby

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