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748th Squadron
457th Bombardment Group
Officers - 1943 to 1945

Oct 1st, 1943 - Captain Edward P. Clark was the first commanding officer of the 748th Squadron.  Captain Clark was replaced after a mid-air collision of two planes on Dec 23rd, 1943. All the crew of one plane were killed. The other plane returned safely to the field at Ephrata Airbase

Dec 24th, 1943 - Captain Leroy Watson, Jr. assumed command of the squadron and continued until he was promoted to Group Operations Officer on Mar 7th, 1944.

Mar 7th 1944 - Major George C. Hozier assumed command of the squadron. He and his crew were shot down by flak on a mission to Nijmegan, Holland on Sept 17th, 1944. All were POW's.

Sept 17th, 1944 - Major Jacob M. Dickenson assumed command of the squadron after Major Hozier was shot down over Holland. He remained in command until Oct 27th, 1944.

Oct 27th, 1944 - Lt Col Wilbur D. Snow assumed command and remained in command until he completed his tour and returned to the USA in Mar 1945.

Mar 1945 - Major Edward Dozier assumed command in Mar 1945 and was leading a mission to Inglestadt on Apr 5th, 1945.  Shortly after takeoff, one of his engines caught fire. Major Dozier attempted to return and land at his field but crashed and burned on the landing approach. All but one of the crew were killed.

Apr 5th, 1945 - Major James A Maguire assumed command of the squadron on Apr 5th, 1945 after the death of Major Dozier. Major Maguire remained commander until the squadron was dismissed.

Some 748th aircraft names that might be familiar:
  • Kraut Krusher
  • Snafusk Shamrock
  • El Lobo II
  • Mission Maid
  • Black Puff Polly
  • Tujunga!
  • Oh Kay !
  • Lady Katherine
  • Hitler's Milkman
  • Lady Be Good
  • Wild Hare
  • De Layed Lady
  • Murderous Witch
  • My Buddy
  • Tis Me Sugar
A photo of the headquarters building of the 748th
Squadron seen during the winter of 1944 and 1945.

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