Missing Air Crew Reports

The listed MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) numbers are related to each event. MACR's were prepared after WWII, and established the authenticity of the crewmen's death with as much detail as was available at the end of the war. Over 16,700 MACR's were filed. Today these reports are on Microfiche cards and are not readable without a microfiche reader. Reader/printers should be available at your local library.
The cards list detailed information on the crew and the aircraft, eyewitness accounts of the planes last minutes, detailed descriptions of what happened as told by surviving members of the crew, name and address of next of kin of each member of the crew, German military records that indicate the location of the crash, the disposition of the surviving crew members and the burial location of those KIA, and other pertinent information. Unfortunately not all losses were fully documented.

The microfiche cards are obtainable today through the National Archives for a nominal fee. Those wishing to obtain specific MACR's should follow these instructions:

1. There are three indices that can identify a report - by name of the individual crew member, by date of loss, and by aircraft tail serial number......and, of course, by MACR number. Or, better still, all of these.

2. There is a charge of $4.25 for each MACR ordered with a minimum order of $10.00

3. The request should be sent to:

Modern Military Records Unit (NWCTM)
The National Archives at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road,
College Park, MD 40740-6001

4. Limit of order is five. (at any one time)

5. Do NOT send check or money order. The Archives will contact you after they have determined that the MACR is available and will send an invoice for the charges with instructions where to send check or money order. (Checks are sent to an address in Atlanta, GA)

6. Allow 60 to 90 days after sending your money.

If you have questions related to ordering please feel free to contact the webmaster. [awreese@bellsouth.net]