457th Bomb Group More Photos of 43-38540, Murderous Witch
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Another view of Murderous/Mysterious Witch.
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Plane s/n 43-38540, Mysterious Witch, in flight. This plane survived the war and returned to the USA.
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Another view of 43-38540, Mysterious Witch, in flight.
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Plane s/n 43-38540 "Murderous Witch" and later "Mysterious Witch". If you read this account it will explain how this plane came to have it's name changed. The following photos substantiate the story. You will see that the word "Murderous" was painted over on the nose of the plane and "Mysterious" substituted. Note that the author of this "Witches Tale" was Bernie Baines.
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A view of the nose of 43-38540 "Murderous Witch" with two flyers.
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Another view of the nose of 43-38540 showing the name changed to "Mysterious Witch".
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