457th Bomb Group More Photos of 43-38528, That's My Baby
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Plane s/n 42-97075, Flak dodger, just at the moment of bomb release.
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Another view of Flak Dodger in flight.
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A view of Lt Brazier's plane showing the starboard wing in flames. This was on a mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany on Feb 16, 1945. I describe this episode in my story about "FLAK". Six members of the crew died in the ensuing crash....four were POW's
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Another closeup of the nose of "That's My Baby". Someone is polishing it's nose.....not me.
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Another view of 43-38528 "That's My Baby".
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Plane 43-38528 "The Wolf Pack:. This plane survived the war and returned to the USA in Jun 1945.
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