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The crew of TARFU, 43-37785 after a mission on Aug 30th, 1944. Lt Thorton, lt Arnovitz, Lt Douglas, Lt Grantham, Lt Mas, Lt Beere, Sgt Kujala, sgt Tucker, Sgt Wood, sgt suggs, sgt Ashton, and Sgt Milner.
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Lead crew flying 44-8785, Crack Up, on a mission to Falkenberg, Germany on Apr 19th, 1945. Capt Gibbons, Lt Nowling, Lt Haver, Lt Mccullough, Lt Baldwin.
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Plane s/n 43-37785, TARFU, unloading a cluster of bombs over Germany.
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Plane s/n 43-37785 "TARFU". (Things Are Really F***ed Up). This plane also survived the war and returned to the USA in Jun 1945.
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Plane s/n 43 37785, TARFU (Things are really fouled up) survived the war and was flown to the USA in Jun. 1945.
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