457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-107026, Hamtramack Mama
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457th Bomb Group 751st Bomb Squadron
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Planes 42-106998, Paper Doll, and 42-107026, Hamtramack Mama, both from the 751st Squadron dropping their bombs on a clear target on Mar 7th, 1944.
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Plane 42-107026, Hamtramack Mama, in formation over a dense cloud cover.
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Another photo of Hamtramack Mama in flight over the field.
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Hamtramack Mama, s/n 42-107026, in flight.
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Plane 42-107026, Hamtramack Mama. This plane crash landed in France after a mission to Bohlen, Germany on Nov 30th. 1944.
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Another view of 42-107026, "Hamtramack Mama" on the hardstand.
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