457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-97123, Ipana Smile
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Plane s/n 42-97123, Ipana Smile, just after dropping bombs.
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Planes S/n 42-97123, Ipana Smile, and 44-8791 in flight.
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A view of s/n 42-97190, Hitler's Milkman, in a tight formation.
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Flack bursts near some planes in the formation. One of the planes is 42-97123, Ipana Smile.
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Plane s/n 42-97123, "Ipana Smile". We flew our fifth, eighth, eleventh and twelfth missions in this plane. It survived the war and returned to the USA in Jun 1945.
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Another view of the nose of "Ipana Smile". Note the large number of missions - looks to be about a hundred or more.
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