457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-97067, Black Puff Polly/Georgia Peach
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Planes in a nice tight formation. The one in the foreground is 42-97067, Black Puff Polly.
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A tight formation of planes including 42-97067, Black Puff Polly. This plane had Black Puff Polly on one side of the nose and Georgia Peach on the other. The plane was lost on a mission to Dessau on May 28th, 1944.
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Maintenance work on "Georgia Peach", s/n 42-97067. This plane was shot down over Germany on a mission to Dessau on May 26th, 1944. The pilot was Lt Rudolph Stohl. One member of the crew was killed and nine were POW's.
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Another of the ground crew working on "Georgia Peach".
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