457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-97060, Calamity Jane II
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Another view of Calamity Jane II trailing smoke or fuel from number 2 engine.
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Plane s/n 42-97060, Calamity Jane II. This plane ditched in the North Sea on a mission to Nienburg on May 8th, 1944.
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Plane s/n 42-97060, "Calamity Jane II", ditched in the North Sea after a mission to Nienburg, Germany on May 8th, 1944. The pilot was Lt Charles Canfield.
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Another close up view of the nose of "Calamity Jane II"
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Another view of 42-97060 preparing for a mission.
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Plane s/n 42-97060 "Calamity Jane II". Lt Charles Canfield ditched the plane in the North Sea while returning from a mission to Nienburg, Germany on May 8th, 1944.
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