457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-38113, Rene III
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Plane s/n re-38113, the 1000 B-17 produced by the Douglas plant. The people are workers from the plant that produced this plane. This plane went on to the 457th Bomb Group and was named Rene III
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Official Photo at Grand Island, Nebraska of the 100th B-17 on it's way to Glatton with Col Luper and crew.
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This Page of photos consist of those taken on the day of the first mission of the 457th....Feb 24th, 1944. The mission was to Guttersloh-Lippstadt, Germany. Most of the faces here are unknown except for Col Luper who appears in most of them. First photo is a gathering around "Rene III" prior to takeoff. This was Col Luper's plane named after his wife.
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Col Luper in full attire chatting with some other officers.
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Col Luper checking out an unidentified crewman.
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Col Luper in full flight gear ready to go. Other officers are unidentified.
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