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Another view of the remains of 42-38056 that was burned after a collision on the ground on Jun 22nd, 1944.
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Another view of 42-38056, Queen Bea, after the collision and fire on Jun 22nd, 1944.
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Plane s/n 42-38056, Queen Bea. All that is left of the plane after a collision and fire on the field on Jun 22nd, 1944. The other plane involved was 42-31620, Pakawalup.
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All that remains of 42-31620 after colliding with 42-38056. Both planes burned completely. Jun 22nd 1944.
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Another view of the burned and chared rubble of plane 42-31620 after it's collision on the field with plane 42-38056. Jun 22nd, 1944.
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his is one of a series of photos of 42-38056, Queen Bea, and 42-31-620, Skunk Hollow. Queen Bea was returning from a mission to Rouen, France on Jun 22nd, 1944 and was badly shot up from flak with no hydraulic system. After landing, the plane swerved out of control and collided with Skunk Hollow. Both plane were consumed by fire but no lives were lost. The plane was piloted by Lt Franklin Morrell.
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