457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-32098, G I Virgin II
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G. I. Virgin, s/n 42-32098, in the hanger for repairs. An attack by Me 109's damaged the rudder on a mission to Erding on Apr. 4th, 1944. The pilot was Lt. C. E. Schuchman.
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Plane s/n 42-32098, G. I. Virgin after crash landing in Belgium on Oct. 2nd, 1944. The pilot was Lt James Franklin.
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G. I. Virgin II on it's belly. Crash landing on Mar 17th, 1944.
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Another view of G. I. Virgin II s/n 42-32098.
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Plane 42-32098 just taking off from Glatton. This plane, G. I. Virgin II, crash landed in Belgium on a mission to Kassel on Oct 2nd, 1944.
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A view of the nose of 42-32098, "G. I. Virgin II". This plane was bacly damaged on a mission to Kassel, Germany on Oct 2nd, 1944 and crash landed in Belgium. All of the crew returned to Glatton unharmed.
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