457th Bomb Group More Photos of 42-32084, Li'l Satan
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Group examining the damage to Lil Satan 42-32084. The number two engine had fallen off completely.
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Plane s/n 42-32084, Lil Satan in formation .
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Another view of 42-32084, Lil Satin in formation on the way to a target.
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Plane 42-32084, Lil Satan, and 42-38073, Luck of Judith Ann, flying in formation with 42-31620, Skunk Hollow.
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Plane s/n 42-32084 "Lil' Satan". This plane was salvaged on Jun 24th, 1944 and the rear of this plane was used to make up the tail section of "Arf & Arf" (the half painted and half natural aluminum plane)
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Another view of the nose section of 42-32084 "Lil' Satan".
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