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These are the grave markers that were posted on the graves of these two men after they crashed in Belgium while returning from a mission to Osnabrook on Sept 26th, 1944. The aircraft was 42-32079, Delayed Lady II. four of the crew evaded, two were killed and two became POW's.
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The grave markers of two flyers that lost their lives on Sept 26th, 1944 while on a mission to Osnabrook, Germany. The plane was "Delayed Lady/Jawhawk, s/n 42-32079. Two of the crew were killed, three were POW's, and four managed to evade. The pilot was Lt. Carl Gooch. These are the graves in Holland of S/Sgt Donald J. Reilly, tail gunner and S/Sgt Wilbur M. Parker, radio operator.
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Lt Sturdevant standing in front of 42-32079, Jayhawk.
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