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Mission No. 228
748th Bomb Squadron
457th Bomb Group 748th Bomb Squadron
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 228
Date - April 10, 1945
Target - Oranienberg
The target for the 457th was an ordinance depot at Oranienburg, near Berlin. Rendezvous and course were flown as briefed. Bombing was visual in squadron trail formation. Bombs were dropped from 25000 feet and results of all squadrons was good. Just after dropping their bombs the group was attacked by four ME-262's from the tail, The The lead ship s/n 44-8368 was hit by 20 mm cannon and, with two engines out, left the formation and later exploded. Also a plane in the high box s/n 43-38606, was hit and dove out of formation. Another plane, s/n , flying deputy lead was hit badly by 20 mm shells but managed to stay with the bomber stream and made an emergency landing at Woodbridge in England.
Plane s/n 43-38606, named "Moon Light Mission," and piloted by Lt Thomas P. Thompson, Jr., was flying #2 position in the high box and was hit by a number of 20 mm shells from the ME-262's that were attacking. The plane immediately nosed down, and burst into flames. One wing came off and the ship exploded at about 15000 feet. Four of the crewmen did not survive. It is reported by some of the survivors that the Germans took Keith and Lewis to the site of the crash and made them carry the bodies of there fellow crewmen to a nearby cemetery.


The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 43-38606     
PilotLt Thomas P. Thompson, Jr.   POW
CopilotF/O Max E. Felder   KIA  
NavigatorF/O Charlie P. Keith   POW
ToggleerSgt Alfred F. Waichunas   KIA  
Aircraft EngineerSgt Thomas E. Smith   KIA  
Radio OperatorSgt Keith V. Shinault   POW
Left Waist GunnerSgt William A. Peltoma   POW
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Walter J. Basara   KIA  
Tail GunnerSgt John W. Lewis  POW

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