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Mission No. 165
457th Bomb Group '749th Bomb Squadron
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 165
Date - December 30, 1944
Target - Kaiserslautern, Germany
On this last mission of 1944, the 8th Air Force put up over 1200 bombers to attack transportation and communication centers in support of the ground forces. The target for the 457th was Kaiserlautern, Germany and was expected to be PFF bombing because of the weather. The course over the continent was as briefed but near the IP the PFF equipment of three of the lead planes malfunctioned. By the time they had got a plane in the lead they had crossed over the target. The group did a 360 and picked up an arbitrary IP and proceeded to bomb the target. Results were unobserved due to the cloud cover. One plane, s/n 43-37828 encountered an undetermined difficulty and made a crash landing in France with no loss of life.
Plane s/n 43-37828, named "Remember Me?/Georgia Peach," and piloted by Lt William R. McCall, encountered mechanical difficulty and was forced to leave the formation after dropping his bombs. The plane belly landed in a farmers field in France. All the crew survived and returned to Glatton. The plane was repaired and eventually returned to the USA.

......... Crew

The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 43-37828     
PilotLt William R. McCall
CopilotLt Tommy L. Gregory
NavigatorLt Arthur M. Livingston
ToggleerSgt George A. Cooke
Aircraft EngineerSgt George F. Perry
Radio Operatorsgt Rovert J. Haynes
Left Waist GunnerSgt Linville Wells
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Walter L. Slate
Tail GunnerSgt Larido A. Battisti
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