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Mission No. 13
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 13
Date - March 16, 1944
Target - Lechfeld - Ditched
Eighteen aircraft from the 457th were dispatched to the airdrone at Lechfeld, Germany where experimental aircraft work was taking place. The primary target was overcast so the secondary target at Augsburg, Germany was bombed via PFF. Flak over the target damaged several planes. German fighters attacked the group on the way home over France and one plane s/n 42-97063 was shot down and ditched in the English Channel.
Plane s/n 42-97063, named "Miss Yu III," and piloted by Lt Lewis W. Lennartson, was slightly damaged from flak but on the way back to England he was attacked by German fighters and was shot down over the English Channel, the plane ditched and the Air-Sea Rescue picked up all of the crew. The tail gunner was the only one injured - and by flak.

......... Crew

The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 42-97063     
PilotLt Lewis W. Lennartson
CopilotLt Everett I. Keesee. Jr.
NavigatorLt Marsh Hovey
BombardierLt Patrick A. Walls
Aircraft EngineerSgt Thomas B. Haag
Radio OperatorSgt William T. Graham
Left Waist GunnerSgt Thomas J. Head
Right Waist GunnerSgt James E. Blackwell
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Clyde E. Garnhart
Tail GunnerSgt Omar Fontaine
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