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Mission No. 57
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 57
Date - June 02, 1944
Target - Collision with 42-31620
Not Available
Flak was very heavy at the target at Rouen, France. Plane s/n 42-31620, named Skunk Hollow, and piloted by Lt Franklin H. Morrell brought his damaged plane back to the field and prepared for a crash landing. When he touched down without brakes the plane veered to the right and hit the wing of another aircraft s/n 42-38056, Queen Bea, parked on the hardstand. Both planes burst into flames and were totally consumed. Two men, Lt Tangherlini and Sgt Mayers were both decorated with a bronze star for their heroic action in moving other planes from the inferno. No one was killed or injured.

......... Crew

The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 42-38056     
PilotResearching   POW
Copilot Researching   POW
Navigator Researching   POW
Bombardier Researching   POW
Aircraft Engineer Researching   POW
Radio Operator Researching   POW
Left Waist Gunner Researching   POW
Right Waist Gunner Researching   POW
Ball Turret Gunner Researching   POW
Tail Gunner Researching   POW
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